Money, discounts and spirituality

The people who seek my services never pay for enlightenment, or spirituality because I do not offer enlightenment or spirituality (and do not "teach" them). These dimensions, like the heart, are like the air we breathe; they belong to no one and cannot be paid for.


When we go to the doctor, we do not buy health. We pay a fee to the doctor so that he or she can make the right diagnosis and propose the right treatment. In the same way, I offer insights and know-how that allow participants to see more clearly into their question(s) and problem(s) and to distance themselves from them.


I cannot offer them what they really are but I can highlight the obstacles that keep them in a form of suffering. I can neither save them nor give them love, joy, harmony and peace but help them to see, understand, accept and dissolve the physical, mental and emotional elements that separate them from it.


My expertise is twofold. First of all, it is that of a long apprenticeship in the therapeutic field, with the constant concern to go back to the source of the problems. It is an important investment in theoretical and practical studies, diplomas and long experience in the practice.


But it is also the fruit of self-knowledge, of 30 years of work, of empirical research and introspection that led me to see "the big picture", beyond any therapeutic dimension.


Some people think that my services are due to them under the pretext of "spirituality". They sometimes try to negotiate, invoke the reason of the "heart", put forward financial or "spiritual" arguments and finally get angry and become aggressive because they don't get what they want. They then start judging, criticizing and belittling everything that is done here under the pretext that it is not free (We don't answer this kind of email anymore...).


These know-how, for which I have not hesitated to invest my time, money and energy for years, are the ones I request payment for my "accompanying" services. (I live on the salary of my main professional activity, pay my rent and taxes and do not own a house or an apartment).


Just like a dentist, I take care of my patients' cavities so that they can enjoy what they eat (their life) without suffering unnecessarily. I do not sell "enlightenment" or exploit the aspiration for it for financial gain. I deal with the only thing we can talk about: our obstacles to living and being. (This is a job that I do as a sideline, next to my main livelihood in the field of vocational retraining).


If we are sometimes reluctant to pay for this type of service, it is probably because spirituality has often been associated with poverty (the compensation of the poor). Then because we not only have to open our wallet but also pay with our person...


And yet, acquiring a good understanding of our inner workings, seeing clearly into what makes us suffer, becoming aware of what separates us from ourselves and gaining years of wandering and torment with the help of a companion is priceless. It is a question of priority.


Everything has a price in this existence and the spiritual life is not separated from the practical life.



"If you think that a seminar is expensive, think of the price of ignorance" Ray Kroc

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