The book: The Inner Truth Adventure

"If there's a book to get, this is the one! It alone contains the quintessence of spiritual development. For having lived an experience out of mind, I can assure you that what is written in this book is the strict truth. All the words are used with accuracy, like a scalpel. I recommend it to those who are looking for a superb book to approach the spiritual and even for those who have seniority in the field and who do not yet know this author who has the merit of being known. Go ahead and buy it. You won't regret it."


"Very well written, this book goes to the heart of the matter. It helped me a lot and brought me a lot to heal my suffering and work on me. Mandatory questioning which did me a lot of good to move forward. This book allowed me to let go. Today, four months later, I am finally well. This book can be re-read at any time; therefore, keep it at home. I recommend it!"


"Very good book by Darpan, which describes from his own experience the different stages of the journey towards liberation and self-realization. The book is divided into 4 very explanatory parts; Me, the person and the Ego - Roll up your sleeves and put your hands in the mud - Crossing the desert - Realizing your true nature. To be read! "Jean-Claude, webmaster of"

"This treasure could represent the near perfect synthesis of my reading in the step-by-step progression of my destiny. I find in it, in consciousness, keys to mental understanding, intuitive perception through the accuracy and power of words and, on top of that, the dazzling emotion that springs up when EVERYTHING is so the order of in colours, as in music..."


"Very well written book, in a particularly difficult field of objectivity. His experience as a therapist clearly shows the distinction between therapy and authentic spiritual realisation. A must read."

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"If in terms of spirituality, there was only one book to read, it would be this one, not a line, not a chapter, without a pleasant, simple and so touching writing, to think that it would be a divine one who wrote it... for me a revelation!"

"This book describes with precision the effects of the life power or Kundalini which is very often limited in other works to the opening of the chakras and their functioning. Here, Kundalini rhymes with the energy of destruction of the false and with that death to which we believe ourselves to be in order to reveal our true nature.

"The author describes his personal journey, his reception of life's energy, with precision and simplicity. I found there practical information to overcome my own existential crises, to move towards myself, and to reassure myself... Another lived the same thing as me, and even if sometimes the path is difficult, it really deserves to be taken. This book has allowed me to "hold on": yes, freeing one's emotions, digging into one's depths, letting energy circulate, is sometimes difficult. But afterwards, what a feeling of freedom, of love, of permanent well-being! Today, even if I am still walking on this path, I can testify to it in my turn... This book has transformed all the people to whom I have offered or lent it. I recommend it to everyone, because it doesn't advocate any ideology, but it relates a journey towards oneself, in complete transparency."


"Anyone looking for intellectual entertainment, instructions for « awakening » or for accumulating knowledge is not ready for this book »  Darpan

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