Is a noble Adventure !


  • It involves taking responsibility for the unhappiness that lives within us and intelligently removing it by ceasing to flee from it and repressing it.


  • It leads to bringing more consciousness at all levels of our being in order to free ourselves from the straitjacket of emotions and painful accumulations of the past.


  • It encourages us to spread our wings beyond the fears and limitations of our known universe.



The path is arduous; it cannot be otherwise because this Adventure implies a conscious effort ; a well directed concentration of attention.


Most people seek the forgetting, comfort and security of unconsciousness. Some, rarer, feel compelled to undertake the Journey to Higher Consciousness. It is to this minority that Darpan addresses himself.

His teachings are not intended to fill us with knowledge ; they encourage us to experience directly what is beyond words, what is at the heart of our feelings. They point relentlessly towards an understanding of the inner workings and mechanisms that keep us trapped in a narrow definition of ourselves.



"I'm there to help people get rid of unhappiness and return to their natural state. I'm not here to lure them into the concept of enlightenment or paradise of any kind."            

The Inner Truth Adventure

"Do we really have any choice but

to postpone the solicitations of infinity"?

Darpan has devoted most of his life to bringing to light the inner mechanisms and workings of our suffering by stripping them of the influences of traditional psychology and oriental traditions. His approach is logical and practical, free of the dogmas that have tinted, from near or far, the majority of approaches currently proposed.


With his proven pedagogy, Darpan insists that there is no happiness to be attained and that the only thing we can do is to get rid of the unhappiness that lives within us in the form of painful emotions, negativity, doubt and self-denial.


It tirelessly brings us back to the reality of feeling and sheds light on the mechanisms of flight and struggle that prevent us from accessing what lives within us.

Darpan's approach is multidimensional and covers a wide range of human potential.


It does not aim to propose techniques for personal development but to identify and remove the obstacles to the natural deployment of our possibilities.


Darpan offers an enlightened vision of inner difficulties and offers powerful keys to transformation for those who are willing to feel and observe what lives within them beyond the mind.

His 10-point approach:

  1. Returning into the physical body and into feeling, the first door to all our inner dimensions.

  2. The ego: to become aware of our flights and struggles in order to no longer be manipulated by these mechanisms.

  3. The art of dissolving emotion or how to intelligently free ourself from what we have rejected and denied in the darkness (the misfortune within us). This is as much about unresolved wounds as it is about the negative patterns that govern us.

  4. Overcoming doubt and self-denial.

  5. Aligning ourself with what is good, right and true in ourself.

  6. The complete man and the complete woman : becoming intimate with all that composes us.

  7. To reconnect with the power of life.

  8. Beyond fear : discovering what lies behind the fear.

  9. The love between man and woman and making love with love.

  10. From person to Being : death to what we believe we are through the process of inner transformation.

" Darpan, I admire how you start from the most concrete, from our dented matter and into oblivion, to subtly lead us to open ourselves to the energy of the Source within us.


I love the Divine working through you. His power and his expression are intensifying more and more... This transforming "Plutonian" power that flows through you is always supported by a love expressed in such a vast way... It is your art to combine the two."


(Participant testimony)

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