Training in Therapeutic Feeling

  According to DARPAN's approach and method

Breaking free from the hidden unhappiness that drive us.

Accompanying others in an approach that combines common sense, perception and feeling is at the heart of Darpan's approach. Finally, this is a non-academic training, making greater use of our natural resources of perception and common sense rather than the knowledge of the past recorded in the mind.

Accompanying why and for what purpose?


To best meet the demand of patients/clients who are willing to act practically to free themselves intelligently from their difficulties.


But also to help them to align themselves with what is good, right and true in themselves so that what is authentic can unfold without hindrance.


The person being accompanied is a partner in the process and not the object of treatment.

Guiding others through
uncommonly deep work.

This training encourages unlearning in order to regain sharpened clairvoyance and a fine reading of energy. It supports us in overcoming our own difficulties to be freed from preoccupation with ourselves.

Bringing head heart and
guts into alignment.

Darpan teaches the art of accompaniment to others: to one's spouse, to one's children, to one's patients, but above all to oneself because true education comes through living example and not through theories, dogmas and sermons.

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“It becomes clear to me that this is not a training, not in the classical sense of the word. A particle accelerator. Yes, that's what you're proposing, an acceleration of the encounter with Self."  One participant

“This training - I find the term a bit limited - is a real healing process, a liberation process that really allows us to gain in freedom of being and in love. I see very clearly the changes that are taking place within me, for my own pleasure and that of those around me..."  A participant

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