" We have forgotten that we are born
with love as a sense of ourselves "

There are so many challenges inside as outside to be complete !

For more than 30 years, Darpan has been self-taught in finding the most effective method of action for himself and others.


His approach, in the image of a bird, has two wings or two inseparable aspects: to gain intelligence in order to get rid of what encumbers us and to reinforce what is right, good and true in ourselves.


Darpan brings to these two dimensions all its clear-sightedness, its precise language and its practical and logical know-how. He helps us to distinguish between emotion and love, between sex and love, and to act in our inner life with the same common sense and efficiency deployed in our outer life.

If you are working on this major work (your life!), it often looks like this :


  • We strive to be able to be well alone, self-sufficient, as well as to plunge into the most exquisite intimacy for two.


  • We work to free ourselves from the person we believe we are and from our attachments to the world while being in the world.


  • We seek to realize Love in ourselves while becoming capable of loving and being loved.


  • We learn the art of dissolving emotions to discover a purer and more reliable love, free of emotions.


  • We begin to see the ego in its many leaks and struggles to (finally) accept what lives in us and who we really are.



Are not our quests for happiness a disguised way to flee and fight the unhappiness that lives within us? But what are the articulations of this misfortune?

  • Emotions and Emotional Mass

  • Phantom Charges inherited from the lineage and unfinished bereavement

  • Doubt and self-denial

  • Negative patterns and associations

  • Conditioning, misconceptions, paralyzing beliefs, ideals and projections

  • Fear, anxiety and insecurity

  • The stories we tell ourselves to support our emotions

  • Marks of past life trauma

  • Unconscious vows (vows of poverty, vows of abstinence, etc.).

  • Forgotten children's decisions (I won't love anymore, I won't open up, etc.).

  • Not to be true to oneself


To better understand Darpan's approach, we strongly invite you to read his article entitled
" The Work of a Lifetime " here


" We cannot go towards the Love and Life that we are; all we can do is free ourselves from the unhappiness that separates us from it." Darpan

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