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Book : The Inner Truth Adventure

Darpan is the author of the book entitled « The Inner Truth Adventure », a poignant and educational account about the art of freeing ourselves from our unhappiness and how to realise one’s true nature.


"I started to read the book. It’s really clear, with summaries at the end of each chapter. The description of the transformation gives the full dimension of the journey."



"For me, it is of a transparency and a clarity that I fully absorb. I can not read more than five or six pages as every single word is so important."



"I recognize myself everywhere. In my circles, people were attracted by the title and the presentation of the book. This book exudes something. For me, this is a valuable work and I want to absorb all the energy."

"Congratulations for the immense work that the achievement of such a book must represent, and thank you in advance for the support that I am certain to draw from it."

"This book is magnificent in many respects. It is very striking, I recognize myself in every single page as if I was gazing into a mirror!"


"Congratulations, it’s a great work and I have the feeling that re-reading it , each time, I will draw inspiration and answers for the rest of my life."

"Very well written book, in a field where it’s difficult to be objective. His therapist’s real-life experience clearly shows the distinction between therapy and authentic spiritual realisation. A must read for any seeker of truth"

"I don’t think I am wrong in saying that, with this book, your contribution to the emergence of Consciousness will not be insignificant; no true seeker of Truth can doubt it after reading a few lines."

"I felt that your book summed up all others."

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