"I have something of value to offer the world: the art of reconnecting with the love that we are, the skills to free ourselves from unhappiness and the direct knowledge of death to oneself, as well as the necessary assets to talk about it in a practical, logical and accessible way.


Keeping this to myself would be a waste.


I will be at the service of this for as long as I can because it is the best I have to offer".

Project No 1 - Darpan International

Darpan speaks English well enough to be able to give seminars in English-speaking and European countries. Furthermore his book "The inner truth Adventure" is already available in this language HERE

Help us make his work known in Europe and the rest of the world.

If you have any contacts who might be interested in Darpan's work and are willing to promote it, please contact HERE

Project No 2 - Translation of the site into English

We are looking for someone to translate this website into English at a reasonable price. If you have the necessary skills and would like to get involved in this work, you can contact us HERE. Priority will be given to someone who is familiar with Darpan's work.

Project No 3 – Location dedicated to seminars in France

Darpan travels all over France and the search for suitable locations for his seminars is often tedious and subject to many constraints :


  • Sharing the place with other groups sometimes noisy and not very respectful,

  • Be in a place "charged" with a particular movement (tantra, yoga, shamanis, etc.),

  • Being in a room that is too small or badly arranged,

  • Depend on the goodwill of the owners and their pricing policy,

  • Find places accessible by TGV and well located (nature)

  • No longer able to find a place, as bookings are often made 2-3 years in advance,

  • Be confined in unsuitable hotel structures (customer).


The idea of having a place that is not dependent on these constraints has been germinating for 2 years and is gaining ground. Over the years and in a spontaneous way, a team of participants has become friends with Darpan.  Like an archipelago of islands, all separate but part of a whole. In 2019, this group created a Simplified Joint Stock Company to manage the organisation of the seminars.


This team as well as other participants and friends are interested in finding and creating an ecological place where Darpan could give its seminars in the future. A place where everyone will have their own accommodation (size according to the contribution) and a room that can accommodate 100 people. A Real Estate Company will provide the appropriate legal form for this project.


This place will not have the vocation to lodge all the participants for whom guest houses and guest rooms are planned in the surroundings but will constitute the crucible for seminars and individual accompaniments. Darpan would also like to bequeath the recordings of all its seminars in the form of DVDs or other media easily accessible on the net.


If you are interested in contributing to this project through the search for a appropriate place, a financial contribution, a donation or through your know-how, you are invited to contact the dedicated address ICI

You should also know that Darpan is planning to make DVD recordings of his teachings by theme. This represents a big work of synthesis for which he has not yet found the time.

"When you die to what you think you are,

you can give way to something greater
than yourself."

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