" We must dig this path with intelligence and sensitivity, with heart and guts, to discover in our flesh a

living truth that words and reason cannot grasp. "

"The Inner Adventure is an invitation to descend into our body sensation and enter into conscious self-discovery. It does not spare the heart, the body or the soul, but it carries within it the living answers to which we aspire in the deepest part of our being.


This Adventure commits us to become lucid and methodical explorers of our inner life, to find the lever arms of consciousness that allow us to free ourselves from unhappiness and ignorance of ourself."  Darpan


On Darpan's Utube channel, you will find more than 130 extracts from seminars, i.e. more than 50 free hours at your disposal.


The excerpts alone cannot summarize Darpan's teaching nor contain the richness of the seminars. They are only glimpses and do not replace the energy transmission in the presence of Darpan. If you would like to obtain enlightening answers and tackle your problems in depth, we would highly recommend that you attend one of the many seminars offered in France throughout the year.

Many French-language videos now have French subtitles on Youtube. You can activate them by activating the subtitle box in the bottom right corner and choose the desired language by clicking on the cogwheel.

Introductory videos

Letter to Truth Seekers

The discovery of Me

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