This training is intended for those who are already active in the helping relationship (professionals) or who wish to become involved in it. It is also open to couples who wish to gain in love and intelligence and to enable their children/family to benefit from it.


We are used to the fact that training with a therapeutic aim primarily concerns those involved in the helping relationship such as doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, coaches and therapists.


However, this training is part of a wider perspective, allowing each person, as part of the couple, to benefit from the essential know-how to be, live and develop at best with their loved ones.


Couples will find in this training the lever arms to accompany each other in highlighting and dissolving the emotions of the past that tarnish love and the pleasure of being together. Accompanying the partner, husband and wife, in the resolution of their difficulties is not an easy task, given the emotional implications, but becomes possible when we have an understanding of the mechanisms of flights and struggles that generate arguments and conflicts.


Darpan's presence and clear-sightedness allows everyone to facilitate and accelerate the identification of difficulties and their resolution. Many are those who wish to take advantage of this in the intimate setting of formation. However, priority is given to those who come for training to accompany others. (The opportunity for individual work in a small group of up to 25 people is possible during the VIB (Very Important Beings) seminar that takes place every year).


Darpan wishes to transmit a vision and practical tools that are not given at school, in church or in our professional activity, thus departing from the traditional educational systems. The term "therapeutic feeling" created by Darpan corresponds well to his innovative approach which today resonates with so many people.


It doesn't matter how much training you've already done. What matters is your ability to be in contact with your feelings. This doesn't mean being able to simply feel tension, pain or palpitation, hot or cold, but to be in contact with the inner climate, the emotional climate, and to be fine enough to feel what lives inside you at every moment.


It is indispensable to be already well in touch with your feelings before the beginning of the training and to be prepared to work with others in their difficulties and problems. However, priority is given to people who already have practical experience of accompaniment.


It is important to be familiar with Darpan's approach and to have attended enough seminars to grasp its spirit and manner, as it is not a matter of accumulating theoretical knowledge or learning a new therapeutic technique. You will become the instrument of your accompaniments!


This training is in direct line with Darpan's vision and work. It is therefore important to become familiar with the man and his approach through the seminars offered throughout the year.


The prerequisites are as follows:


  • Working in the helping relationship or being destined to do so.

  • To have participated in 3 seminars of 2 or 3 days and an intensive seminar of 5 days.

  • To commit to a training course of 6 modules of 3 days, spread over 6 weekends during 2 years.

  • To be already sufficiently in touch with your feelings and ready to work on your problematics.


Darpan examines each request carefully, making sure that everyone has sufficient capacity to feel and that he/she fits well into the group. As the seminars are quickly full, please start early enough.


If you wish to participate in the next training (Promo 4) scheduled for 2022-2023, we invite you to submit an application with your photo and a letter of motivation until June 30, 2021. For any questions or testimonials, you can contact the certified Companions in the "Companions" tab of this site.

"This training is the best investment I could make for myself. It gave me a living knowledge of interior architecture and its workings."


"I used to practice accompanying women through massages-care and therapy and I felt that despite the many trainings I had done I was missing the essential and I found it through your off-grade training."


"Darpan, you were a teacher of the living, the real, the true at every allowed me to see, to feel and to explore this dimension of accompaniment made of a free fluid space where letting be what is acting us is essential rather than acting... wanting to do."


"I experienced this training as a process of transformation and there is clearly a before and after."

"Darpan, thank you for being, thank you to the life and love that you are.

With all my love."

(Testimony of a participant)

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