"When one works for his own liberation, one should expect nothing in return but the effacement of his person."

Most of the images on this site were made by Darpan. He has also published a book of photographs entitled "The Spiritual Seasons", (available for purchase at cost price). Each photograph is accompanied by a quote from the book "The Inner Truth Adventure".


Discover the first 15 pages of this book (157 pages) by clicking on the image below and then on "Preview", then click directly on the book to flip through it (the arrow of the mouse acting as a finger.)

If you wish to see more photographs of Darpan, you are invited to discover this site

"You have a gift for taking beautiful pictures, imbued with a special, mystical atmosphere. There are so many wonderful images. I especially like the way you go from a panorama to a flower petal or a butterfly. The magical light that comes out of it is superb. Excellent work!" (Comment from a visitor).

Les saisons.jpeg

Darpan likes to photograph because he photographs what he loves: the beauty of nature. Amateur he is, amateur he will remain. Behind the multitude of forms, he perceives the essence of nature as his own: a pure and majestic reflection of our natural state. Without pretension, he offers us a few photos, gleaned here and there during ballads.

15 photos de Darpan sur le thème de l'hiver


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