"Truth is something that you conquer at each instant against many enemies."

Darpan is independent of any lineage, tradition or religion. Like the old Sufi masters, he carries out ordinary work but teaches and transmits, in the back shop, the art of liberation from unhappiness and the conscious discovery of Self. He was a student of Osho and Barry Long for a long time...


He approaches difficulties from a logical, practical angle and without spiritual folklore, proposing useful know-how to get rid of the unhappiness that lives in us in order to allow the Life that we are, always good and beautiful, to be realized in us on a daily basis.


His seminars constitute an integrated and coherent whole. They cover a wide range of themes on self-knowledge, life, love, the death of who we believe we are, the mechanisms of suffering, the couple, making love with love and the inner Adventure. They are reputed to help any sincere aspirant to gain in intelligence and love and to get rid of painful and constraining clutter.


His original approach and his clairvoyance at all levels of the being have made him famous. He proposes a unique synthesis between an "awakened" approach to inner mechanisms and the process of personal self-emptying inherent in conscious self-discovery.


People often come to Darpan after a journey in the field of personal development, therapy and meditation. Caught in a mixture of Eastern approaches and Western techniques, they are looking for a clear vision and an effective and accessible "growth manual".

I'm not a "guru", an "enlightened one" or a "spiritual master". Those words are too connoted, too misused. I am not a model of perfection, health or morality and I have no special powers.


I am a simple man, stripped of the illusion and machinations of the person I thought I was and brought to my knees before the vast and deep splendor of Being, where the personal melts into the impersonal.

"Always there is an old memory stirring within us,

something singing on the other side, or calling,

or haunting. On the other side of what, we don't really know.


Always there is an old Unknown who inhabits us and who pulls us,

and who seems so old, and so close,

like a stranger who would still be known,

who would be ourselves and more than us,

like a lost child who can no longer find his way...


And it pulls, towards what, we don't know, we don't know anymore.

And yet it's as if we've always known.


It's a country "over there" where we had run, played, always played,

a large sunny space that still inhabits us

between our four walls and our tight suits.


There is an old music that stubbornly persists,

an old wild bird never caught

that still flaps its wings in our cage. "


(Satprem, The Key to the Tales)

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