An introductory word from Darpan


"To rid oneself of unhappiness and gain intelligence can only be accomplished consciously and honestly, in a caring and uncompromising partnership.


If you come to me to accumulate intellectual knowledge while remaining cut off from your sensations, or if you are looking for an instruction manual for "awakening", you are wasting our time and money.


I can help to relieve some of your burden only if you are willing to observe, feel, and face what is presented to you through my indications. The conscious welcome of what lives in us, in our feelings, is at the heart of my approach.


I work at the energetic level, at the invisible level. If you feel confident and open enough, my response, beyond words, becomes a work of a craftsman, that of a sculptor or surgeon of the invisible, susceptible to create a change in your energetic structure and to bring important new awareness. Please try not to repress what you are feeling or to flee in the mental; remain present to your body and your feelings during the seminar.


If I encounter too many struggles and resistances, this work is impossible. If you wish to ask me a question without the intention of working with me, please say so so that our "contract" is clear. Furthermore, I also thank you for asking questions from your personal experience and in relation to the theme.


The themes of my seminars are pretexts for examining what separates you from the Life and Love that you are. Do not come only for the theme but for the opportunity to gain in consciousness, intelligence and love.


The encounters offer the opportunity to discover and gain valuable know-how and valuable knowledge in the exploration of your inner life and in the resolution of your difficulties. Do not come out of curiosity, for entertainment or just for the words, but above all to feel and open yourself to the powerful transforming energy behind the words.


All activities are non-sectarian, apolitical and of neutral confession. Please note that not all seminars are organized by the same person. To register, please contact the organizer of each event."

Events are not for all publics.

We reserve the right of admission.

attending a seminar


"Being attentive to Darpan's presence, allows the being to crystallize"

Increase in the cost of events starting in August 2019 : The increase in the number of participants in Darpan seminars implies an increasingly consequent organization and we are subject to French VAT (20%). This legal obligation leads to important changes in our operations. It also has an impact on the cost of the seminars which, to our great regret, is increased by 20%. This money will not go to the organisers, nor to Darpan, nor to help small budgets, but will be paid in full to the French State.


Darpan has always wished to keep the prices affordable, but in view of the growing number of participants, this change is unavoidable and is not within its remit.


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