Are seminars a form of conference?


Darpan doesn't give lectures anymore. During seminars, he usually introduces the topic and then answers questions from the participants. Like a diamond in the rough, the questions and answers allow the participants to discover the different facets of the theme and to gain a better understanding of it. Darpan also accompanies individual participants who wish to do so in the plenary session.

Is there any interaction such as exercises between participants, etc. ?


Darpan can sometimes propose an exercise or a guided meditation but there are no exercises between participants. There is a friendly atmosphere in his groups. The group becomes a single presence in his presence.

I don't feel like being exposed in front of the group, can I be sure that I won't be challenged by Darpan, nor get on the chair ?

You are free to ask a question or remain silent. Darpan doesn't force anyone; there's no obligation. If he sees that an accompaniment could be of benefit to you, he may offer it to you, but you are free to refuse. Darpan does not work with people who are too much in resistance (flight, struggles and denial). He works only with those who ask for it and who are willing to receive what he has to offer.

Can everyone ask his question ?

This is only possible in the intimate VIB seminar (maximum 25 people). Otherwise, the number of participants and the limited time does not allow everyone to ask their question. The seminars are very rich because Darpan gives everything. They allow you to become more intelligent about the subject, to acquire valuable know-how and to benefit from the answers Darpan gives to the participants. The answers often come indirectly and sometimes without words.


Is it worth coming if I'm not sure I can ask my question ?

Darpan's approach goes far beyond answering a question. It allows you to take the measure of your inner issues, to benefit from insights in the resolution of your difficulties and to discover an effective way of "getting to grips with" your problems and questions. If you only come to ask a question, you miss the point. Furthermore, a question that falls within the old frame of reference is unlikely to bear fruit. The framework must first change.

What is included in the price ?

The seminar. A budget must be provided for transportation, meals and accommodation.

What is the average number of participants ?

Between 60 and 80 people depending on the room and the location. Paris often has the largest number of participants.

At what time does the seminar end on Sunday at the end of the day (train) ?

It ends at 5:00 pm. You can leave the room at the end of the break at 4:00 pm if you have a train to catch. You do not need to inform us.

How does a seminar take place?

You will find the answer on the page Attend a seminar


How many seminars do you have to come to ?

Darpan tells people not to come out of intellectual curiosity, nor to accompany a friend, but to come only if they feel within themselves the impulse, aspiration or need to come, despite doubts and apprehensions. Some people come only once, others have been following him for years. He gives everything without restraint. The seminars are very rich and intense. There are many things to integrate. Those who follow him regularly blossom magnificently. They show courage and perseverance despite the inevitable obstacles. They are his motivation to continue this work. You will see if "it speaks to you" and if "it resonates with you". Everyone is free.

Darpan says he is not for everyone; what does that mean?

He essentially works with people who are tired of running away and fighting against themselves and who are ready to come back to their feelings to welcome everything that has been put aside. This is only possible when we have understood that intellectual understanding alone does not allow us to get rid of our darkness and that it is necessary to return to the body, more precisely to the feeling.


It takes a certain amount of maturity and having suffered enough to confront everything that is in itself: the pleasant as well as the unpleasant, the powerful as well as the fragile, the pleasant as well as the painful. With Darpan, one no longer tries to hide, to feed the false, to lie to oneself. Discovering the true, the authentic prevails over all other considerations.

What justifies the amount you're asking for ?

You will find the answer in this text Money, discounts and spirituality

I'm under the care of a psychologist because I have an addiction ; can I participate

Please refrain from this meeting if you suffer from psychological disorders (such as, for example: schizophrenia, paranoia, severe depression, psychotic disorders or if you are currently under psychiatric care, on medication or if you are suicidal). Darpan's powerful energy requires everyone to have a "head on their shoulders". The most pathological conflicts and serious imbalances need to be resolved beforehand. Disposing of oneself requires a good balance.

I've been following a Buddhist trend for years, is it complementary ?


Darpan teaches outside any religious framework and is not linked to any spiritual tradition. You can watch more than 120 free videos on Utube (more than 35 hours for free) and read his book. You will thus be able to appreciate for yourself if his approach resonates and speaks to you.


I can't find an answer with my guide on some subjects, is it good that I follow 2 people at the same time ?

If you can't find your answers and can't get rid of your unhappiness with your guide, why stay? Darpan's approach requires a commitment to oneself which is only possible when we have stopped moving from one guide to another (guru shopping). Trying to escape from what lives in us through a guide and his teaching is a frequent mistake.

Is this a group therapy ?

No. The approach emphasizes the fact that the unhappiness within us is the obstacle to self-realization. Darpan teaches a way of doing things that allows us to free ourselves from this unhappinness intelligently and to detach ourselves from the person we believe we are. He does not do therapy or group therapy. He deals with all the subjects that hinder our relationship to ourselves, to others, to life and to love. You will find more explanations Here

Is the seminar reimbursed by a mutual insurance company ?


No, Darpan is Swiss and lives in Switzerland. His approach is self-taught and autonomous. It is not part of the medical or insurance system, neither in Switzerland nor in France.

I'm afraid of being put in trouble in front of the group, what can I do  ?

The benevolent climate of the groups and the confidentiality offer a space in which everyone is free to be himself or herself. We do not ask you to join anything but to remain present, open, attentive and in contact with your feelings. If you come, it speaks to you beyond the rational mind; trust that. Darpan is not trying to put on a show.


I need help but I can't formulate my question; I'm too shy.

You can take the time to write down your question before the seminar so that you are more comfortable expressing it. Doubt, self-denial, resistance and fears are often obstacles that Darpan frequently addresses in seminars.

Does Darpan still do one-on-one sessions ?

He no longer does. The only opportunity to meet him is through the seminars. However, he does offer a training course in "Therapeutic Feeling" which several practitioners have already completed. If you are interested, you can find the contact details of the certified practitioners.

Why can't we write notes during the seminar ?

Darpan's approach is not academic. It addresses the intelligence of life that we are and not the mind. He insists that if you are truly present and attentive, with your whole being and not only with the mind, what is true will be remembered and there is no need to memorize anything. However, you can take notes during the breaks or after the seminar.

What is the best attitude to take part in an event ?

Darpan asks people to be present and attentive to what is happening in them, in their feelings and to him, to his presence. It is important to get out of the school setting, mental where everything is memorized. He asks people to listen from their intelligent consciousness, from their global presence and not with the mental that is never "there", too busy comparing, cataloguing and commenting incessantly on what is being said. Attention should be on your attentive presence and on Darpan's presence and what he says.


The question is not to agree or disagree with him or to argue, but to perceive whether there is an echo of truth in his words and to examine whether what he says is true in your lived experience. Validation is immediate and does not go through the intellect.


Darpan invites people to remain open, in contact with their feelings, because this is the door to our inner life and being. It is at this level that it is possible to benefit the most from the transmission of energy behind the words, from the acting power that emanates from him. This aspect works in the invisible and is not negligible. This power of intelligent life is perceptible and makes us more aware of what is at work in us. Being with Darpan brings us to finesse and subtlety.

How does he free us from our suffering?

Darpan does not free you from your suffering. His knowledge, understanding and insight allow us to release ourselves from it properly and intelligently. Everyone is responsible for the suffering he carries even if it was caused from outside. Nevertheless, his presence is an accelerator and allows awareness that would otherwise take years.


Some people come to him only to remove a thorn in their foot, an obstacle to their well-being. Others, driven by the impulse to discover what is real and true in them or facing challenges that go beyond the therapeutic framework, say they find the answers and support they need from him.

Darpan often talks about freeing himself from unhappiness; what does unhappiness mean to him ?

Misfortune is the dark, heavy, negative and painful burden that everyone carries within himself. Misfortune affects our lives on all levels, limits our ability to love and be loved. It has led us to condemn the access to feeling in order to lock ourselves up in the mind. It affects the relationship to oneself and to others, influences our choices at all levels and greatly limits the deployment of our potentialities. You will find more information here


We usually only have access to a small part of the misfortune that lives in the subconscious. It is composed of many elements including: emotional mass, negative associations, pain and trauma, repetitive patterns, limiting beliefs, conditioning, attachments, prejudices, pacts of unhappiness, childhood decisions, unfulfilled grief, bad moods, inherited ghostly burdens, doubt and self-denial, to name the most frequent.


Is the theme really important ?


Many people attend the same theme several times because the material is rich and needs to be absorbed and integrated into daily life. The people who follow Darpan come not only for the theme but above all to gain intelligence and love in his presence. The seminars are not repeated in a scholastic way and are different every time.

I don't have a lot of money and I am interested in all the subjects; how do I choose a seminar ?

The best is to examine the priority difficulty and/or the most important aspiration. Darpan will always lead you to follow what you feel deep down and to act practically.

I have worked a lot on myself, I don't understand why I can't register directly for a 5-day seminar ?


It's important to become familiar with Darpan, with his presence, his approach and his vocabulary. He is not interested in people's therapeutic or spiritual CV but in their maturity and their ability to deal with what lives inside them. If Darpan or his approach does not suit you, it is best to find out during a 2 days seminar.

I find that the booking conditions are not very flexible.

Nowadays, many people register at the last minute. We can't operate that way because we're making significant financial commitments. The issue of deposits is not only a financial issue, but also concerns the issue of commitment and individual responsibility. That is why we draw your attention not to register without making sure of your firm intention to participate.

Why doesn't Darpan hold seminars in Switzerland ?

You probably know the adage "no one is a prophet in his own country ?" It probably applies to Darpan who has never found his audience in French-speaking Switzerland despite many attempts. This is still confirmed today when seminars are organised near Geneva and bring together only a few people from Switzerland.


According to Darpan, people in Switzerland are not ready for his approach and his teaching. That is why he works mainly in France. If you are really motivated to follow a course, we suggest you come to Annecy (30 minutes from Geneva) or Lyon (2h30 by car). It is still very reasonable to benefit from his presence and his magnificent work.

I'd like to invite Darpan to my region but I don't know how to do it ?

Insurance, tax and administrative constraints force us to go through associations and companies. If you have an association or a limited liability company in a region where Darpan does not yet go and you have attended a few seminars, you can contact us and we will examine your proposal.

Is his book on sale during the seminars ?

The book is available for sale and at a preferential price during certain seminars only (where Darpan can get there by car). This concerns Lyon, Rivoire, Annecy and Avignon for the moment.

Is there a place for humour in Darpan's ?

A place for humour?

There certainly is!

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