In brief

The training we offer here goes off the beaten tracks and brings a radically new vision of psychology and the therapeutic approach.


This approach is based on common sense, observation, feeling and understanding of the inner mechanisms that govern us. It allows the companion to free him/herself from the usual therapeutic ruts and to free him/herself from the limitations inherent to many techniques in order to be prepared to detect anomalies and to "read" the energy of the person being accompanied.


The training in therapeutic feelings allows to tackle a wide range of questions and individual problems. It facilitates the "delivery" of darkness and painful emotions and allows us to deploy the rich potential that lives within us, behind our leaks and repressions.


This training does not fall within an official framework and does not issue diplomas or certificates recognized by state organizations or insurance companies. The certification obtained at the end of this training aims above all to validate a level of skills and know-how in the field of helping relationships, coaching and individual support according to Darpan's original approach and method.


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Those interested in attending the training must imperatively complete the  prerequisites  before expressing their intention to participate. The selection for the 4th promotion (2022-2023) will start in June 2021.

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Thank you and thank you again for accepting me in this training. It is very important to me. Besides, my life has been exciting since I met you! I feel myself constantly transforming, I feel the new energies coming at me, I feel sensations that I didn't know before or that I had forgotten for a long time...I feel more love, more power and I feel that my challenge now is to take on all of this more and more. New challenges every day."

Testimony of a participant

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